PanaFlow SIL超声波流量计英文说明书


PanaFlow SIL超声波流量计英文说明书

Sensing & Inspection Technologies

PanaFlow Meter System


Panametrics Ultrasonic Flowmeter


The PanaFlow meter is a complete ultrasonic ?owmeter system for liquid or gas applications. It can be used for applications such as: ? Lique?ed Natural Gas (LNG) ? Natural gas ? Fuel gases ? Hydrocarbon liquids ? Hydrocarbon gases ? Specialty gases ? Water

? Saturated steam ? Superheated steam ? Solvents ? Weak acids



? Complete meter body with integral reinforced transducer ports and transducers

? Optional explosion-proof/?ameproof electronics pre-mounted and pre-wired

? Available in one-path or two-path con?gurations ? No moving parts ? No pressure drop ? Fast, simple installation

? Suitable for a wide range of temperatures and pressures ? Bidirectional

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